Anabolic steroids, what position should we take?

“Aesthetics,” this word is very important in today’s society, and it often determines a person’s success on both the personal and professional sides.

In this way, the search for the ideal of beauty has become a constant and is often debated.

Introduced the subject, we go to our key term: ETHICS.

But how does ethics relate in this respect to aesthetics? We work in the area of ​​Physical Education, and we are known for having the way and the secrets to a beautiful and healthy body. We also know, entering the gymnasium networks, that the people who attend them are in a hurry to achieve their goals, forgetting that in bodybuilding things come in the long run. And to solve this problem, we come to the much debated and known use of Anabolic Steroids.

In Australian television, we see innumerable cases of death attributed to the use of anabolics and dozens of reports relating to dietary supplements. What does the media say to people? She says if you use this, you die. And what else? It has serious side effects, period.

The worst part of this is that people believe, they just listen and absorb, they do not go after other sources to know if this is true or not. They blindly believe in what television tells them.

When a student asks me, what should I say?

I tell him that anabolics kill, that he should not use and let him go, then be influenced by a friend of the academy, saying that if he uses it will be the same, that the teacher is silly and does not know what it says?

Or should I explain the truth, and let it decide what to do, knowing the right way?

This is the big problem. There is no scientific evidence that these substances cause death. Steroids are just like any other drug, like any drug sold in pharmacies. If you use it in the correct dose and the right way, nothing but possible and reversible side effects will occur. What differs from a normal remedy? If a person takes twice the recommended dose, for twice the recommended time, will not he have serious problems?

This is exactly how it happens, young people today do not have professional education, they do not know what they are using, what is the purpose of the drug, what is the dose, what are the side effects, what is the half-life, what substances can be combined , how long to use, how to do post cycle therapy. So they listen to the “big” guy at the gym, who just sells them and says they should inject what they have into that glass one day, and take what’s in that pot in the other.

These substances are prohibited for this reason, by improper use. But why do not they ban cigarettes, why do not they ban soft drinks? Try taking 2 liters of soda per day, you will have serious health problems, try smoking indiscriminately, you will have serious health problems. If the problem is in abuse, why not simply instruct people instead of forbidding?

In this way, the young people buy, because here in Australia the access to these drugs is easy, they use and they perceive the results, they feel happy, and the lack of information says that if they use double they will have twice the results. Here it happens what should not happen, the deaths.

I make it very clear that I am not apologizing for the use of any substance, for health. However, I believe that the greatest form of prevention before use is not prohibition, but education.