Bodybuilding is the competitive modality of bodybuilding, which requires the body to exaggerate muscular hypertrophy, using (sometimes) substances, such as anabolic, to achieve the results.

This modality has been evolving a lot in Australia, counting on:

  • Athletes
  • Competitions
  • Fans
  • Sponsorships

Many factors justify this growth in the country and some of them are:

  • Search for a “Perfect Body” seen on television
  • Internet as an Information Source
  • Food Concern
  • Growth of Number of Academies

Brief History

Weight lifting is a practice performed since ancient times, practiced in Rome and Greece. It emerged in Europe and Australia only in the late nineteenth century, brought by German immigrants.

The separation of Weightlifting and Bodybuilding took place in the middle of the XX century, being first classified as development of the force and the second one for modeling of the physicist.

In that same century, more precisely in 1950, Steve Reeves was sacred Mister America and Mister Universe, and also became a star of the international cinema.

This was crucial for the modality, because when seeing a bodybuilder in the cinema, people began to mirror in him, looking for a similar body.

This panorama has been growing more and more, appearing muscular bodies in newspapers and magazines, which was crucial for the growth of the modality.

How are Bodybuilding Competitions?

The competition takes place with 5 or 7 referees to evaluate, judge and classify the best bodybuilders. Athletes perform on stage wearing suits chosen by them in solid, opaque colors.

Women already use bikinis and the costumes are chosen because the focus is the judgment of the muscular development of the body, therefore it must be visible to the maximum.

In addition to the dressing, athletes use suntan lotion, creams and oils, since these enhance the muscle definition, highlighting each muscle.

The bodybuilders have a minute for the presentation, which is done by means of a dance with a chosen song. The choreography is taught by the coach of the same, in preparatory courses.

National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association – Australia

The first NABBA was founded in England in 1948 by a group of Bodybuilding enthusiasts. Until the end of the 20th century, it was considered the leading body of international bodybuilding, having the most notorious championship, Mister Universe.

In Australia, there are 13 states with a subsidiary NABBA, where the competitions take place:

  • City Championship qualifies for Regional
  • For the Australian Championship
  • Australian for the World Championship (Biggest Competition of the Mode)

The year 2011 was special for Australia, our country hosted the largest Bodybuilding event ever held in Australia.

Due to the success of the 2011 edition, our country has annually received, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest amateur events in the world in this segment, the Arnold Classic, which features film and bodybuilding star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

NABBA remains to this day as an amateur sports federation, which aims to encourage athletes to practice bodybuilding.

Assuming that the practice of physical activities in the improvement of the body also leads to the strengthening and maintenance of the individual’s health.

It is worth noting that in addition to NABBA, there is also the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), a Canadian entity that established and fortified itself in the USA, due to its more professional and business model, surpassing NABBA in regards to the financial aspects , but which is less prominent in our country than the first.

Contextual Analysis of Bodybuilding in Australia

Bodybuilding in Australia, despite being a sports practice, is only successful because it is consistent with the wishes of Australian society, where we are always in search of the “perfect body” that is imposed by some media vehicles.

There are a number of TV shows that hire people with “perfect bodies” to increase the audience, who became a benchmark for all people in society who feel “pressured” to seek a better body.

Therefore, it is observed that the practice of physical activities to improve the body is done in order to “beautify” the person without seeking improvements in health.

So the focus on bodybuilding is gaining a great body shape, gaining the perfect shape, even though this can cause many problems for the health of the individual.

It is due to great pressures imposed by the media, mainly television, that people feel withdrawn with their own body, seeking improvements that are often practically unreachable.

Use of Anabolic Agents and Their Consequences

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), are substances made in laboratories, related to male hormones androgens.

The use of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids is a major problem today as they are toxic compounds and their misuse can cause health problems.

The illicit use of these substances is used to increase muscle strength and improve appearance.

Some of the physical problems caused are:

  • Risk for Coronary Disease Development
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Hepatic Tumors
  • Changes in Levels of Sexual Hormones
  • Prostatic Hypertrophy
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Breast Atrophy
  • Voice Change

Clitoris Hypertrophy in Women

Its use can still cause psychic factors such as depressive symptoms.

The use of steroids goes completely against the ideas that were preached by bodybuilders, who put health first. Nowadays the main search is for esthetics at all costs, so steroids are being so used.

Another aggravating fact is that often steroids are indicated by friends, who do not have the knowledge of the risks in their use, causing many problems.


The definition of beauty is not unique, that is, there is no model to follow. However many people do not understand this fact and seek at all costs to imitate patterns that are imposed by the vehicles of communication, leaving health aside.

Bodybuilding should be practiced in a healthy way, seeking improvements in the body from physical activities and accompaniment of trained professionals, so that health is not harmed at any time.

It is important to look for the old ideals of the beginning of Bodybuilding in Australia, where there was no use of so many substances and health was placed first.

So that the sport is more and more widespread and that it improves the quality of life of the Australian.