How to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Increasing testosterone brings a number of exceptional benefits to man, see how!

The hormonal balance for man is directly linked to testosterone levels.

Libido, sexual performance, development of reproductive tissues and also muscle growth become salient and prevalent when the level of this hormone is adequate.

With supremacy, a man produces between 7 and 8 times more testosterone than a woman, and that is why knowing about this hormone is regarded as the greatest need of the male audience.

Yes, it is also true that levels of hormone production tend to decrease with age, and this happens naturally, but clinically the studies indicate in these cases that supplementation is very indicated.

With noticeable improvements in:

  • Viscous construction ability (ability to perform specific movements for a particular purpose);
  • In verbal fluency;
  • Concentration and memorization;
  • Activation of the executive function (cognitive control, reasoning, etc.)

In short, it is very likely that testosterone-based supplements will become more present in therapies in search of more quality of life at the best age.

However, in today’s article we seek the reflection and the natural practices of how to increase testosterone naturally, and in this case our attention must be focused on some premises, such as: lifestyle, food and other habits that influence positively or negatively in the production of hormone. Follow us!

To increase testosterone naturally it is important to pay attention to the lifestyle!

It is not disputed that stress is among one of the greatest causes of health problems, and likewise has been shown to be an agent that affects the production of testosterone, especially in man.

When the body feels threatened (typical and a stressful situation) the level of cortisol increases and may have important participation in the production of the hormone. Even blocking the main effects of testosterone.

There is then a “conflict of interest” between cortisol and testosterone, one working against the other to block / expand feelings and reactions such as anger, dominant behavior, competition, etc.

Therefore, it is the person’s real intention to keep the stress indexes under control in order to guarantee the increase of the testosterone with naturality, and that is why, the whole envelope of the life of the man, the focus of this article, must be aligned to a proposal for a healthier and more balanced life, let us see in what aspects:

  • Avoid excesses: You see, any area of life when under great pressure tends to generate a negative reaction that will directly affect the psychological and physiological balance, and that is why overloads should be watched and relieved;
  • Take care of the mind: Anxiety as well as depression can influence with relevant negativity in testosterone levels, causing complicated damage in the medium and long term;
  • Avoid Smoking: Just so you have an idea the heart rate of a smoker is 30% higher than that of a non-smoker, and also negatively influences the production of the hormone;
  • Be cautious about alcohol: Studies show that alcohol lowers plasma testosterone levels;
  • Do not use medication without guidance: Proven opioids (strong analgesics), which act on the central nervous system, tend to lower testosterone levels.

These precautions are basic, but they are still not enough for proper testosterone levels to be maintained for both men and women.

The diet can also be directed to increase testosterone

For an adult male, 300 to 900 nanograms (ng) per deciliter of testosterone is the normal mean rate, but for ages 20-30, levels may be well above and still be considered normal.

The natural fall that begins around the age of 30 requires close attention precisely in the situations we are pointing out in this article, and food and physical activities must necessarily be at the top of the list of priorities.

A healthy and balanced diet is optional to ensure the production of the hormone, mainly excluding some foods and including new and different.

The first to be excluded is refined sugar, the study developed in 2013 in the report of the Endocrine Reproductive Unit of the Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA, is the real test for this synthesis.

When evaluating 74 men between the ages of 19 and 74, they found that after oral ingestion of 75 g of glucose, with immediate and postponed blood collection in up to 10 minutes, they obtained a 25% decrease in mean testosterone levels.

Similar situation happens with soy, its derivatives and foods rich in isoflavones, which also do not favor the maintenance of testosterone, as well as the production of spermatozoa, for example.

Scholars further point out that, caffeine can also influence to decrease testosterone, so decrease coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks is advised.

Already the list of foods that must be included in the menu is eclectic and relevant:

  • Good fats: olive oil, avocado, walnuts, nuts;
  • Zinc sources: beef, fish, turkey, beans, peanuts;
  • Vitamin D: eggs, cheeses, salmon, orange juice.

In addition to these food groups, it is important to consume fruits like: strawberry, passion fruit, acerola, for being rich in vitamin C, as well as, multicolored vegetables.

Another important factor that must be taken into account to increase testosterone is to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle

Exercise and increased testosterone are faithful friends and accomplices for performance in various areas of life, as they prevent weight gain, de-stress, and help with libido.

Short workouts with a higher intensity level put the muscles under great stress, so that they quickly become fatigued, raising the level of the hormone considerably.

In addition, it is valid to consider the types of exercises that focus on a greater number of muscles, it is very indicated:

  • Squats;
  • Supino;
  • Fixed bar;
  • Flexion;
  • Shoulder development.

Among others, they should be incorporated into their routine, with moderation and balance.

Rest is also important to increase testosterone naturally

Just to get a sense of how much sleep quality influences testosterone production, research conducted by a group of endocrinologists at the National University of Singapore, presented the following situations:

  • Subjects who slept for less than 4 hours, considering the time of 24 hours, presented about 60% of TotalT and 55% less of BioT than men who slept more than 8 hours;
  • From this it can be stated that an additional hour of sleep can increase testosterone levels by up to 15%;
  • Research suggests that sleeping more may represent large hormonal rate gains.

Obviously, active love activity involves the natural increase in testosterone levels, from erection to act, on days when love is practiced the levels remain higher.

Increasing testosterone naturally is the route that will mainly promote male disposition. In addition, it will improve performance, not only in the intent of hypertrophy, but even in the way of conducting the routine.