Pros and Cons of the famous DECA

The subject matter today is the steroid Nandrolone Decanoate, popularly known as DECA. I will try to simplify the subject as much as possible here, so everyone understands more about this, which is one of the most popular EAS (AES = Anabolic Steroids) in the world!

Deca is known for its massive gains, yes, for those who want muscle volume is well recommended, its active principle is the decanoate nandrolone, so it is known as deca, short for the decanoate or for the most intimate, call it DEDE!

The deca is still recommended in cases of joint pain, because it has the ability to recover the problem very fast, many times I was seriously injured, I used deca for this purpose and it worked very well. However, I passed by the doctor and the same recommended me the use!

Another very positive factor of DECA is that it greatly improves the immune system of the person. With this, people who cycle usually use it in addition to gain volume, prevent and heal joint injuries caused by heavy workouts and improve the immune system and break down the myocardium!

The deca has to be used along with some testosterone, because when used alone, the natural testo levels drop a lot, affecting libido and other factors directly linked to the natural production of testosterone. So, most people when they use it in cycles, use in conjunction with testosterone or derivatives like: Cypionate, Durateston, Enanthate, Dianabol, Hemogenin.

Its action in the body is slow and the most used today are: the famous DECA DURABOLIN with ampoules of 1 ml containing 25 mg per ml or 50 mg per ml; then DECALAND from Landerlan, whose presentation comes in ampoules of 5 ml of 200 mg per ml, which is the most sought after for use; or the famous USP with 300 mg per ml containing 10 ml per stopper and is also widely used by bodybuilders for their high concentration of nandrolone per ml!

The weekly use of EAS for men is 300 to 600 mg, but some put 1 gram per week in conjunction with other EASs to have a massive result. Women use deca however, in low mg, between 50 to 100 mg week. It is well used by the bodybuilders in the phase of gains, but there are risks of virilization, but it varies from person to person …

The cycles with this EAS are at least 6 weeks, to come up with some result or a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks. In long cycles it is recommended to use Clomid or Nolvadex, because as I said, the levels of endogenous testo drops too much and we will have the aromatization, the conversion into estrogen. Using Clomid or Nolvadex is the basic recommendation, otherwise the gynecologist will get you without a doubt, few do not flavor using deca for long cycles, better safe than sorry!

DECA and its Side Effects

The most commonly reported undesirable effects of this EAS are:

  • ACNE;

For this, I have already mentioned the use of anti estrogen is essential. Even with these collagens the deca is considered within the EAS family, a safe steroid with low side effects.

Good friends, I hope I have explained a little of this popular EAS and I want to say that I am not a doctor, so I am not able to pass EAS cycles to anyone, I am just a student of this area, a curious and passionate about pharmacology and hormones. For the safe use of these substances, look for a professional qualified for this and do not go to the head of false experts, or what you read in bodybuilding forums, your life has immense value, your health also, want to use?

I’m not against it, provided that it is done by a qualified professional and before a battery of tests is done, to see if you are able to use such substance. The deca seems harmless reading everything I’ve written, but I’ve seen cases of problem people who died using a deca durabolin of 25 mg, that’s right … 25 mg was enough for a boy to infart because he had heart problems and did not know. So, follow-up and testing is paramount!

I hope you enjoyed the information and soon, I’ll be back with one more EAS to discuss it. The text here is informational, I do not recommend using it to anyone, I do not see the article as an apology, but I think it’s better to inform than to omit simple and basic information. In addition, seek a doctor and make use of it always!