Supplements and anabolics: will you really need these drugs?

Guys, let’s start well, okay? I started to train in the early 90’s. At that time, at least in my quiet city, we did not have the didactics we have today regarding adaptation, technique of execution, proper rest, etc. So from the beginning, I always trained very hard. Have I used supplements yet? Yes. Right at the beginning, because the quality information was almost zero and everyone was using it.

My first supplement was the Natubolic! I remember that in his box it was written like, “Nothing more stimulating to growth than physical exercise itself.” Sensational, is not it? I do not know if this honesty exists today in the packaging of supplements, since for more than a decade I have not picked up a supplement box.

Well, coming back at that time, by instinct I decided to stop all my supplements at once. I already realized that I had the favorable biotype and I always fed well. Then I thought, “I’m going to stop spending money on this!” And without supplements I kept developing a lot, even more than when I used it. Later on when I entered college for physical education and study life, I had positive confirmation of my decision. The same goes for anabolic drugs. I never used it because at first I was afraid (little information), and after I graduated as a teacher, I just do not use it because it’s not part of my lifestyle, that’s the way it is …

In fact, I do not understand the attitude of doctors and / or pharmacists who sell anabolic drugs or sign prescriptions for their use, for people who are known for aesthetic purposes, or for people who are somehow far from enjoying their benefits because are light years of knowing what a TRAINING OF TRUTH (by the way, for that very reason they opt for the drugs, thinking that they will solve something … sweet and naive deceit).

That’s why I see swollen boys and girls, body full of pimples, thick voice (in their case), and mediocre body. From a distance until it looks cool, but when it comes close … DECEPTION! Do you know what is this? ANABOLIZING DRUG RIVERS and LIFESTYLE / MEDIUM TRAINING!

Whey Protein GrowthWhey Protein Growth

Please, doctors and pharmacists! I know you can see the real reason for those ampoules you sell. Why “burn” because of three hundred reais a month ?? Will it make you richer ?? Leave those remedies to those who really need them, including real athletes! Not for this public who follows any modinha fitness.

Well, here is my appeal. But, teacher, wait there ??! So supplements and anabolic drugs are no good? Of course they do! I will never be against the use of supplements and anabolic drugs of INTELLIGENT FORM. But what I see and that gives me great pain, are students surrendering to immediacy, performing horrible training and putting all their hope of change of body, supplements and anabolic drugs. They completely forget what it takes to build a muscular body: ADEQUATE LIFESTYLE.

I will try to define LIFESTYLE suitable for this world fitness:

INTENSIVE TRAINING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR: eliminating technical errors, training division errors, errors in volume and intensity of training, etc. Everything revolves around training. Maintain a regular, so to say, eternal.

INCORPORATE A DIET compatible with training. Supplementation is a function of training! And for many a calico bullet (you know those banana balls) is enough to recover …

INCORPORATE a routine of life that allows full physical and mental recovery (days of rest, sleep, diet, leisure, etc).

INCORPORATING A PERSONALITY compatible with the anabolic requirements of this lifestyle.

Are you thinking it’s easy? Are you thinking that this is packed in some supplement or some ampoule? Do you think it’s not easy for me to organize myself in all the parameters of my life?

And it is this lifestyle that allows me NOT TO SPEND MONEY WITH SUPPLEMENTS OR DRUGS, not because they are of no use, but because I simply do not need it. I DO NOT NEED BY CAUSE OF MY LIFESTYLE!