The Best foodstuffs That Increase Testosterone

Knowing about foods that increase testosterone, for sure is the best news for anyone who cares about keeping their health on track.

There are several products of natural origin, accessible and tasty that promote the maintenance and increase of the main male hormone.

However, many people still neglect the power of food to improve all areas of life.

If Hippocrates, considered the “father of medicine” has so long declared to the world the wisest words about food: “That his remedy be his food, and that his food be his medicine,” it is imperative to use them in our behalf.

For one man, we can say that testosterone is everything! And as the level declines naturally over the years, and in some cases already with falls from 20/25 years and greater decline after 45, it is important to increase attention with male health.

Obviously the natural fall is inevitable, however, there are many external factors that increase the event.

But the main fact is that without the right level, men and women (which also depend on the hormone) begin to show symptoms and decrease quality in sex life and in other areas.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that a good diet can balance the production of this hormone responsible for energy, libido, muscle mass gain, daily performance at work and interpersonal relations (especially of man).

The Importance of Consuming Foods That Increase Testosterone

The drop in testosterone levels brings effects that can affect the daily lives of individuals, both physically and psychologically. The agitation and the rush of the day to day make difficult the production and the absorption of the hormone by the metabolism, therefore, the stress must be fought.

Some of the major effects of male testosterone drop are:

  • Frequent fatigue and no apparent causes;
  • Loss or difficulty in gaining muscle mass;
  • Decreased sexual desire;
  • Apathy, difficulty concentrating and memorizing;
  • Decrease in amount and replacement in body hair
  • Accumulation of adipose tissue;
  • Sleep disorders, among others.

Many men opt for chemical hormone replacement indicated by doctors (stickers).

Already, testosterone-based supplements are freely marketed and can be consumed without relevant side effects to the body.

However, in both cases many are fearful of possible side effects or are intimidated by the taboos and myths surrounding such treatment.

Consuming foods that increase testosterone is an excellent alternative in these cases.

Because the main fact is that maintaining hormone levels prevents various diseases, ensures more health and sexual longevity for men.

Get to Know Now Foods That Increase Testosterone

Some nutrients in foods favor the natural production and better absorption of testosterone.

The main group of nutrients that should be present in foods that increase testosterone should include vitamins D, A, Zinc, Selenium and Omega.

Several foods that increase testosterone are easily found and can and should be part of everyday diet. Know some:


Known as beneficial for increasing muscle mass, eggs are high in protein and in healthy fats, such as HDL cholesterol.

These fats directly interfere with the production of the male hormone, so eggs are foods that increase testosterone in the body.

Homemade hens or home-grown eggs are healthier than farm eggs, so pay attention to that detail.


The cabbage leaf and its stalks are rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

One of the minerals present in cabbage, indole-3-carbinol is a natural agent for increasing testosterone production and is also present in other green vegetables such as broccoli, mustard leaf and asparagus.


Garlic is one of the foods that increase testosterone in an indirect way, since allicin, one of the main components of this root so common in cooking, is an efficient element to decrease cortisol.

Cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone in the body, in addition to being known as a result of stressful conditions. Allicin action decreases cortisol levels and promotes increased testosterone production.


Rich in boron, honey is one of the foods that naturally increase testosterone, since the nutrient is essential for the body’s production and absorption of the hormone.

Honey also has nitric oxide, which increases the capacity of capillary vessels to expand.


With great concentration of vitamin D, potassium and roboflavina, banana is one of the foods that increase testosterone naturally.

Together with bromelain, these nutrients promote the production of the hormone and promote its gradual release in the body.


One of the main allies for maintaining and increasing testosterone levels is tuna. Rich in vitamin D, this fish used in the diet significantly potentiates the production of the hormone.


Oil-rich foods such as walnuts, almonds and nuts are rich in zinc, the main mineral responsible for the production of testosterone and also the improvement in erection capacity and sexual potency.


Very rich in zinc and vitamins such as B12 and D, in addition to selenium, oysters have properties that strengthen the immune system, and brain activation.


Filled with good fat, it still has vitamin C, essential for increasing energy. It is also indicated for good muscle performance.

Physical exercises are fundamental for the production of Testosterone

In addition to the adoption of healthy habits and foods that increase testosterone, another important provision is the practice of regular physical activities.

For those who are adept at high-impact exercise and who seek muscle mass gain, a balanced relationship between diet and exercise can yield excellent results.

This set of measures can considerably increase the quality of life and even the longevity of men.

With stress control, healthy and balanced diet and regular physical activities, and supplementation it is possible to maintain vigor and vitality for longer.