What is the Testosterone Level in Men according to Age?

The level of testosterone in man is one of the fundamental factors for the maintenance of health and quality of life.

Although it is a perfect machine, the human body loses strength and endurance over time, due to the muscles that are less firm, weakening of the bones, but, the main fact is that the hormones go into decline with consequences, most of the time unpleasant.

The process of lowering the level of testosterone in man is absolutely normal, since this hormone, among several functions, responds directly by its reproductive capacity.

Biologically, the organism is programmed to be fit for reproduction for a certain time, and over the years, levels naturally decrease.

Contemporary life demands the change and / or retardation of this natural process, since each time one lives more, and with much more enthusiasm.

Today, mature men and women date more, seek to keep their sex lives active, attend academies, that is, do not get oppressed by controversial issues about sex after 50/60 years.

In addition, the worship of the “healed body” and the desire of many to “develop strong muscles” (both men and women) is what one has!

Let us not be hypocrites and try to camouflage what happens in fact, but let us not be negligent in relation to the subjects that guide the two realities mentioned above.

How is the Test of Testosterone in Man Made?

The nomenclature for measuring testosterone is ng / ml (nanogram per deciliter). For measurements with more precision, basically the two levels of the hormone are analyzed:

Total Testosterone

It is not spontaneously available, that is, it is released when necessary through ordering in the hypothalamus.

To obtain the total volume of Total Testosterone, the combination of 3 forms of testosterone is analyzed: Free Testosterone plus + Testosterone bound to Albumin + SHBG (hormone-binding globulin);

Free Testosterone

which circulates through the body of man, and is responsible for sexual performance, libido, energy, definition of the musculature.

In clinical laboratories, it is possible to find two types of tests to measure the level of testosterone in man: through blood collection or test with saliva.

In the first case, the result takes around 26 hours, in the second case it can reach 45 days.

According to the website of Dr. Dráuzio Varella, in clinical laboratories the normal values of testosterone for an adult man (peak form) levels are on average between 300 ng / dL and 900 ng / dL.

However, as early as 20 years, it is possible that the decrease in the natural production of the hormone between deficit, with retraction from 1% or more per year.

The table below gives an idea of the levels of free testosterone according to the age of the man:

Recalling that there is an average for adult men, as mentioned above, and the decrease in production as early as 20 years, with peaks of deficiency very perceptible at 45 years.

Effects of Decreased Testosterone Level in Man

Although it is also produced by the body of women, testosterone is a naturally occurring male substance.

It is this hormone that defines the musculature, the amount of hair and beard, the most serious voice and also acts directly on the sexual desire.

When the hormone begins to fall, the male routine can suffer from the symptoms, and the main ones presented in the decrease of the level of testosterone in man are perceived with:

  • Increased fatigue and fatigue;
  • Loss of muscle mass;
  • Difficulty concentrating and memorizing;
  • Decreased sexual desire;
  • Loss or diminution of hair, beard and body hair;
  • Premature aging;
  • Long-term memory failures;
  • Occurrence of chronic diseases.

We have a specific article on the harm of man’s lack of testosterone, access it and you can get more information.

To avoid these undesirable effects and ensure health and quality of life, some chemical treatments of hormone replacement are indicated, always with the advice of a specialist.

Maintaining the level of testosterone in man is essential!

Not always the decrease of testosterone level in man is linked only to the lower production of the hormone.

Often it is produced, but is not metabolized by the body, due to problems caused by inactivity and poor diet.

Therefore, before starting a treatment to maintain testosterone level, the man should look for clinical and laboratory tests that indicate the real need for hormone replacement.

The first alternative to reverse the hormone deficiency is to establish measures that improve the body’s absorption of testosterone.

This indicates the need to change relatively simple habits, such as changing the diet, practicing exercises, providing rest to the body, and especially reducing the stress load.

The taboos and myths about Testosterone Level in Man

Culturally, we are accustomed to associating virility with health and quality of life.

Because of this, many taboos and myths end up being established when the individual realizes that the symptoms indicate a decrease in the level of testosterone in man, such as:

  • The first step is to set aside preconceived ideas and understand that the decline in testosterone levels in men is normal and inevitable;
  • To accept that it is a natural process of the organism, from which one can not, nor should one feel embarrassed or embarrassed;
  • To banish once and for all the idea that only older men can suffer from the effects of the hormone fall, because this is not true, the lack of testosterone affects males at any age;
  • One must also be sure about the decrease in testosterone level, since other factors often cause the same symptoms.

Search for information and knowledge

We all know that youth does not last forever and that mood, disposition, endurance, strength and virility naturally diminish.

The novelty is that there are alternatives so that this decline can be combated without collateral damages to the organism, and to know them it is necessary to seek information.

Finding answers without embarrassment or embarrassment is fundamental so that one can maintain daily activities for longer without losing quality of life.

It is a fact that the level of testosterone in man has a natural cycle, however, it is an option to accept it passively.

Technology and science each day bring new possibilities for safe and reliable treatments and therapies.